Globalization vs. internationalization vs. localization vs. translation: what you need to know

about localization

With globalization now part of our lives, businesses are more focused on building their website, application or any other piece of software for a global audience, targeting consumers from a specific country and adapting the software product according to that culture and language.

When deciding to reach new and international markets, people usually have some difficulties making a clear distinction between globalization, internationalization and localization that can generate some confusion. They tend to use globalization and internationalization terms interchangeably like they are synonyms, but there are differences that need to be taken into consideration. That is why, we thought it would be useful to define each of these concepts and to clarify things a little bit.

1. Globalization (G11n), considered to be the new way people and countries will interconnect in the future more efficiently, refers to the process where economies of different countries in the world are more in more connected to…

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