Do you take local context into consideration when creating social media content for your global brand.

With the growth of global communications, Social Media localisation is essential due to the shift in customer behaviour and their changing demands. Responding comments and questions in their local time and language is a priority to increase engagement.

Powered by Textappeal, Newsroom is the global marketing specialist that help leading brands to effectively maximise the engagement and relevance of their social media activity across different markets.


We leverage our worldwide network of carefully selected and pre-tested local editors, journalists, copywriters, influencers, and community managers, to set up in-market brand dedicated teams, trained to deliver timely local insight, content and social management.

All local activity is connected to our multilingual central command center, which implements, monitors and “Account Manages” global social initiatives, to maintain cross-market brand guardianship, visibility and consistency.


Proper localisation can save a global brand millions just because the cost of offending their consumers by insensitive marketing messages can be very expensive and in some cases permanent.

Our Social Media localisation services take into account the inherent diversity that exist in international markets and treats your target audience as “cultural beings” whose behaviours and values are shaped by the unique culture in which they live.


  • Brand specific local language verbal guidelines: social tone of voice, cultural and legal do’s and don’ts
  • Centrally coordinated real-time local language community management and engagement
  • Cultural filtering and localisation of central content and social campaigns, adjusted for local language, market, culture and legal specifics
  • Fresh content sourced and / or generated from within each local market
  • Growth of local twitter audiences based on targeted brand criteria
  • Brand specific Cross-market Opportunity and Risk real-time alert system
  • Help International Brands to achieve maximum ROI during big events

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